What is SEO?

These days, the success of an online business depends entirely on its findability.

If it doesn’t rank high enough in search engines, then your audience will never see what you have to sell and all your marketing efforts would have been in vain.

On the other hand, the better your search optimization strategy is, the higher your website will rank, which in the end means more visitors, more sales, and center stage for your business.

Why get a SEO optimization package for your business

Choosing the right company and SEO optimization service for your business can be a difficult task. Why?

Because these days, the SEO optimization process is a powerful instrument for developing an online business. And this type of service evolved greatly over the last few years.

When the internet was born, SEO optimizations basically meant repeating a certain keyword as many times as possible throughout the page. But nowadays, organic search plays a more important role. The GPR or Google Page Rank has the capacity to determine which website suits the user’s needs and profile best.

Through our personalized SEO optimization services, you can :

  • Increase the number of conversions
  • Attract more quality visitors to your website
  • Boost the number of reviews
  • Increase your brand awareness on search engines and social media
  • Lower the bounce rate

And it all starts with a deep understanding of your niche

The entire SEO optimization system is a mix of elements entirely dependent on the understanding of your niche. Because only by knowing a business inside out, we can determine its strengths and challenges.

So, following a close collaboration with your team, a thorough analysis of your activity field and competition, as well as your own business profile, we compile enough relevant information to take the necessary actions in order to properly position your business for the online world and improve your rank in the search engines.

Our process for making each click count

The SEO optimization process involves more stages and the quality and implementation of each one ultimately play a key role in the value of the end product.

At the moment, our SEO optimization campaign is spread over a number of months and based on a complex system.

In order to drive a steady number of clicks to the website and make sure we achieve the maximum level of performance, we take the following steps:

  • 1. We periodically analyze your website both internally and externally
  • 2. We perform a statistic analysis of your marketing strategy from your competition’s point of view
  • 3. We choose your target audience and carefully craft the marketing strategy for your website
  • 4. We come up with a custom SEO optimization package depending on your website’s needs
    - E-Commerce SEO
    - Enterprise SEO
  • 5. We implement Schema.org for each of your products
  • 6. We incorporate the appropriate keywords for your

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