Why go custom?

Setting up a high converting webshop is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks most marketers face. There are a number of things you have to think about before starting your online store… Yet no matter how good your products are, if you don’t have a professional, interactive layout, your customers won’t trust your brand enough to make a purchase and instead drift away from your business.

In the ever-competitive online environment, impact is the name of the game. Sure, you can choose some ready-made solutions or predefined themes, but you won’t have the flexibility or freedom you want for your business, nor will you be able to scale it.

That is why a versatile, custom online store is essential for your online success…

To make sure your prospects become recurring customers and your brand’s notoriety grows at the same pace as your business.

Don’t get us wrong. Ready-made solutions have their benefits...

But if you are in the process of scaling up your business, then looking similar to other websites on the market simply isn’t an option.

Some of the challenges our customers reported before turning to us for help were:

  • The pre-built website they chose was either too simple or too complex for their needs.
  • The app was too resource-hungry, with massive server load.
  • They still needed to tweak some parts of the app, in order to fulfill their business requirements. And this took more time and money than the app itself.

In all these cases, having an online store created from scratch that fits your business like a glove and sends your audience a professional message is by far the best option.

Why choose custom e-commerce solutions

At Devlogiq, our experts help you build the ideal online store for your business that caters to your customers’ every need. Here are some of the key benefits of working with us:
  • We are great at coming up with eye-catching designs that hook your readers, pull them into your brand’s story and ultimately turn them into buying customers.
  • We don’t shy away from hard work. You can count on our constant input even after the launch of the website. Through constant maintenance, performance monitoring and marketing suggestions. we’ll stick by your side and make sure you get the most out of your efforts.
  • We don’t just deliver code, we meet your expectations – we listen to what you want and what you’re looking to get out of your website (increased sales, a bigger audience etc.) and deliver the design accordingly.

How we do it?

Our time-tested and proven step-by-step process for creating personalized websites, allows us to be equally dedicated to each project we take on and put in our best work


Analyze the specifics of your business

We find the strengths of your business and the key benefits to promote.


Start on the basics

We start by building the framework of your future website, a basic structure and some general guidelines to determine how it’s going to look.


Build and personalize the design

During this step of the process, we focus on building the unique graphics that will communicate the key aspects of your brand.


Integrate the design

After we figured out the design we’re going to use, we start writing the code that is going to bring it alive and make sure everything synchronizes well.


Create a test version

After adding the finishing touches on the design, we create a test version of the website and check to see if everything works according to plan.



When everything works properly and there are no problems, we then make the final server settings and launch the website online.

Want a unique, high-performing, responsive and compact online presence?

Let’s start building your brand’s success story together.

Yes, I want!